Purchasing assistance

How to buy from gerardostoys.com shop?

  • Selecting products
  • Placing an order
  • Delivery
  • Delivery time
  • Returning goods and cancelling an order


Select the appropriate product(s) and quantities (which you can change later in your shopping cart) from the e-shop. Add it to the shopping cart by clicking “ADD TO CART” button next to the product information.

Placing an order

  • When the desired products are selected, navigate to the shopping cart. There is an overview of your order. In case of a discount coupon, you must enter it in the box “Coupon code” and click “Apply”.
  • When you are ready to order, click „Proceed to checkout“
  • Billing & Shipping – fill in your contact details, after filling in your address it will show you the shipping cost.
  • Next, please fill in your Credit card information and press „Place order“ button.
  • After placing your order, you should receive confirmation e-mail from us. If you haven’t received confirmation, please check your spam folder as well. If you don’t have your confirmation e-mail, please contact us info@gerardostoys.com


We deliver our toys to Europe and USA. For the rest of the world, please e-mail us info@gerardostoys.com
Delivery cost:
Europe – 10€
USA – 15€
Delivery is free if your order is at least 150€
Your order will be ready for delivery within 1-3 business days. When your order is shipped, you will receive an e-
mail with tracking number and link where you can track your order. Give the tracking number a couple of days to start working.
We have different partners for delivering the goods. When your order arrives to your country, it will be taken over by
your local post service. Depending on the country, the courier might take your order to your local post office and
you receive a note to pick it up from there or the courier delivers your order to your address indicated in your
order contact details.


  • We ship our goods from Estonia.
  • Delivery time is ca 1-2 week.

The estimated delivery times are estimates only and depends on the delivery service. Gerardo’s Toys cannot be
held accountable for delays beyond our control. In the event that you believe your order has been lost or you have
other concerns, please contact us info@gerardostoys.com.
Please note that Gerardo’s Toys cannot issue a refund or replacement until an investigation with the delivery
service has been completed and it may take up to 28 working days.
Following the outbreak of Covid-19 there has been an increase in delays for all the international shipments which
will vary depending on the end destination. Also please note that before Christmas the delivery might take longer.


You have the right to exchange the goods for another product with the same price value or, in case of
unsuitability, you can return the goods within 14 days. The goods and the packaging of the returned goods
must not be damaged in any way and the goods must be in the original packaging. Upon return of the
goods, the transport costs of the goods will not be refunded. The manufacturer of the goods is responsible for
warranty defects. If you receive a faulty item, please contact us info@gerardostoys.com
We have the right to withdraw from the order made through the e-shop without sanctions and not to hand over the
ordered goods or provide the service if the goods have run out of stock or if the price or properties of the goods
are incorrectly displayed in the e-shop due to a system error. If it is not possible to fill your order, you will be
contacted as soon as possible and the paid amount will be refunded immediately, but not later than within 7
working days.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email info@gerardostoys.com
Thank you for ordering from us and we hope you enjoy your purchases!